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April 13th, 2012

Ronny Lee Hollingsworth Claims the Win in Spring Throw Down Opener

Columbus, Mississippi (04/13/12) – Magnolia Motor Speedway hosted the opener for the inaugural, Spring Throw Down on Friday night, and with a total of over 90 cars in the pit area it was Northport, Alabama’s Ronny Lee Hollingsworth, who claimed the $2,000 feature win in the Super Late Model division.

Thirty-five Super Late Models registered for action in the $2,000-to-win event, and via time trials Klint Byars and Rodney Wing earned the front row for the main event. It would take three starts for the feature to get underway, and as it did Wing bolted to the lead with Byars and Hollingsworth in tow. The leaders would set a blistering pace, entering lapped traffic by lap five. Hollingsworth would work his way into the second spot as Wing saw heavy, lap traffic erase his straightaway lead. By lap 10 Hollingsworth was pressuring the leader for the top spot, and exiting turn four on lap 12, the Hollingsworth would throw a slide job at Wing. The pair would make contact exiting the corner as both drivers got sideways. They would ultimately recover with Hollingsworth assuming the lead. As they battled for the top spot, 12th starting Bub McCool was mounting a charge and was up to the fourth spot by the time the caution flew on lap 17.

On the ensuing restart McCool jumped to second and would hold the spot for the next eight laps as Hollingsworth drove away from the field. With five laps to go Klint Byars passed McCool for second and set his sights on the leader. He would erase a tenth car length lead in the closing laps, but still finished three car lengths behind race winner, Hollingsworth. The remainder of the top five included McCool, Wing, and Jason Cliburn.

With 31 entries on hand, the $800-to-win, 20 lap, NeSmith Chevrolet Crate Late Model feature proved to be a great race with Eric Cooley charging to the lead early in the event. He would battle side-by-side with Chase Washington for much of the event before Washington used lap traffic to his advantage with five laps to go to claim the lead and ultimately the win. Cooley, Justin McRee, and Jeremy Shaw rounded out the top five.

The Street Stock feature saw Austin Flurry wrestle the lead from Scooter Ware just past the race’s midway point as he claimed the win in the caution free event. He was followed across the line by Ware and Silvestri.

In the Mini Stock feature Heath Minor scored the win over Bo Minor Denny Booth, and Garrett Taylor.

The inaugural Spring Throw Down will continue on Saturday, April 14th with a program that will be headlined by an $8,000-to-win/$400-to-start, 50 lap event for the Super Late Model class, while the NeSmith Late Models will be racing for $1,000-to-win. Street Stocks will race for $500-to-win, and Mini Stocks will battle for $300-to-win. On Saturday the pit gate opens at 2pm with the grandstands opening at 4pm. The driver's meeting is at 5:15pm with racing action at 6pm.

Adult grandstand admission is $25. Kids (ages 6-10) are $5 with ages 5 and under free. Saturday night adult pit admission is $35 with kids (6-10 years of age) $25, and 5 and under free.
Trackside parking is available for $30 in any unreserved spot.

For more information on this huge event, please call Johnny Stokes at 662-574-2572 or Dewitt Singleton at 601-917-1500 or the Track at 662-240-3478 or visit or check us out on Facebook and Twitter @TheMagSpeedway.

Magnolia Motor Speedway (Columbus, Mississippi)
1st Annual Spring Throw Down

Super Late Model
1- 18 Ronny Lee Hollingsworth
2- 5 Klint Byars
3- 57J Bub McCool
4- 10 Rodney Wing
5- 888 Jason Cliburn
6- 71 Chris Wall
7- 33D Scott Dedwylder
8- 14 Morgan Bagley
9- 212 Josh Putnam
10- F5 BJ Robinson
11- 327 Neil Baggett
12- 54 Dane Dacus
13- 33c Eric Cooley
14- R5 Hunter Rasdon
15- 96 Tanner English
16- 77 Dylan Ames
17- 90 Brian Rickman
18- 88 Jimmy Cliburn
19- 86 Rick Rickman
20- 4w Cliff Williams
21- 77 Greg Fore
23- 93 Ray Moore
24- 34 Bo Gordon

B-Main 1
1-888 Jason Cliburn TRANSFER
2-96 Tanner English TRANSFER
3-33c Eric Cooley TRANSFER
4-86 Rick Rickman TRANSFER
5-88 Jimmy Cliburn TRANSFER
6-4 Jason Brock
7-4 Stacy Caldwell
8-31 Scott Creel
9-7 Todd Gray

B-Main 2
1-33D Scott Dedwylder TRANSFER
2- 54 Dane Dacus TRANSFER
3- 34 Bo Gordon TRANSFER
4- 77 Greg Fore TRANSFER
5- 327 Jamie Tollison TRANSFER
6- 3 Tony Shelton
7- 58 Larry Boutwell
8- 9 Clint Logan

B-Main 3
1- 57J Bub McCool TRANSFER
2- R5 Hunter Rasdon TRANSFER
3- 4w Cliff Williams TRANSFER
4- 90 Brian Rickman TRANSFER
5- 77 Dylan Ames TRANSFER
6-10 Leon Henderson
7-10 Joseph Joiner
8-00 Chris Hoomes

NeSmith Late Models
1- 38 Chase Washington
2- 33c Eric Cooley
3- 25 Justin McRee
4- 1s Jeremy Shaw
5- 2 Kyle Shaw
6- 19 Marcus Minga
7- 1 Johnny Stokes
8- j1 Johnny Phillips
9- 14 Chance Inman
10- 73 Evan Ellis
11- 232 Jamey Boland
12- 73 Ashley Newman
13- 1L Caleb Myers
14- 3 Shay Knight
15- 00 Ricky Waggner
16- 91 Billy Tedford
17- 6 T.K. King
18- 000 Rick Hasselle
19- .00 J.D. Pass
20- 11 Tim Dees
21- 93 Jake Knight
22- 39 Johnny Smith
23- 33 Sid Scarbrough
24- L2 Trent Thomas

B-Main 1
1- 1L Caleb Myers TRANSFER
2- 00 Ricky Waggner TRANSFER
3- 33 Sid Scarbrough TRANSFER
4- 73 Ashley Newman TRANSFER
5- 91 Billy Tedford TRANSFER
6- 000 Rick Hasselle TRANSFER
7- 93 Jake Knight TRANSFER
8- 2 Lee Ray
9- R3 Ryan Rigdon
10- 96 Trey Rickman
11- 17 Matt Bollinger

B-Main 2
1- 73 Evan Ellis TRANSFER
2- J1 Johnny Phillps TRANSFER
3- 11 Tim Dees TRANSFER
4- 6 T.K. King TRANSFER
5- .00 J.D. Pass TRANSFER
6- 39 Johnny Smith TRANSFER
7- L2 Trent Thomas TRANSFER
8- 27 Hunter Carroll
9- B20 Boone Fullwood
10- J18 JR Williams

Street Stocks
1- F1 Austin Flurry
2- K24 Tony Silbvestri
3- 53 James Ware
4- 11 Jamie Sudduth
5- 711 Tommy Nichols
6- 2 Drew Holliday
7- 29 Howard Law
8- 71 Keith Monahan
9- 3 Trey Bright
10- 1 David Easterling
11- 5 Jason Downs
12- 7 Trinity Wyers
13- 25 Bryan Fortner

Mini Stock
1- 15 Heath Minor
2- 1 Bo Minor
3- 11 Denny Booth
4- 12 Garrett Taylor
5- 21 Nick Deese
6- -01 Ronnie Guin
7- G4 Shelby Sheedy
8- 94 Jimmy Inmon
9- 17 Donny Andrews
10- 42 Allen Gilreath