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November 27th, 2010

Rodney Wing Gets First Career PRO Series Win at Magnolia Motor Speedway

Columbus, Mississippi (11/27/10) – Whynot Motorsports Park promoter, Rodney Wing, continued his torrid late season pace behind the wheel of a Thrash Motorsports entry as he powered the #1c Thrash Motorsports/ Rocket Super Late Model to the $2,000 PRO Dirt Car Series feature win at Magnolia Motor Speedway (Columbus, Mississippi) on Saturday night.

Forty-eight Super Late Models entered the event as first year Super Late Model racer, Jason Brock, blazed to the Southern Belle Pole Award in time trials. He was joined on the front row for the feature event by fellow first year, Super Late Model racer, TK King from Columbus, Mississippi. At the drop of the green flag in the feature, Brock would bolt to the top spot with David Breazeale and Rodney Wing in pursuit as King began to fade.

Jason Brock held the top spot during the early laps of the event as Wing moved past Breazeale to take the second spot on lap four, and one lap later Wing would use a power move on the high side exiting turn four to take the lead from Brock as Breazeale began to work on Brock for second.
The leaders would enter lapped traffic by lap ten and the next five laps would see great racing through lapped traffic before the first caution of the event waved on lap 15 for Scott Flurry, who made hard contact with the turn four wall, bringing his night to an early end.

With Wing at the point and Breazeale and Jason Brock in tow the event got back underway as Neil Baggett launched himself from the fifth spot to the second spot on the restart. Baggett would start to reel in the leader before the caution flew on lap 19 for fourth running, Dane Dacus, who saw his night come to an end after hard contact with the turn four wall.

The top five running order for the restart consisted of Wing, Baggett, Breazeale, Wade Byars, and Jake Knight.
On the restart the running order would remain the same as the event would see a five lap run before the final caution flew on lap 25 as Tony Morris duplicated the feats of other competitors in the feature by making hard contact with the turn four wall.

As the field went green for the final time, it appeared that Rodney Wing was on his way to the comfortable win, but Baggett and Thrash would have other ideas as they caught the leader by lap 30 as they battled side-by-side for the second spot. Breazeale cleared Baggett with three laps to go as he set his sights on the leader. However, Wing would go on to lead the finals laps to claim the win over David Breazeale, Neil Baggett, Wade Byars, and Mathew Turner.

Rodney Wing double his pleasure on the night as he stormed to the lead in the $500 to win Open Wheel Modified feature and never looked back as he picked up the win over Blake Koenigsberger and Ben Stephens.

In the Street Stock feature, Trey Bright spent the early laps chasing Tony Silvestri, but would use a late lap pass to claim the win over Silvestri and Bill Sudduth.

In the NeSmith Chevrolet Crate Late Model Invitational, Jeremy Shaw led the entire distance from his front row starting spot, but the win would not come easy as he had to fend away the early advances of veteran, Johnny Virden, before having to fight off a late race charge by young driver, Jamie Tollison. At the checkered flag Shaw was fired by Tollison and Virden.

Via heat race action Landon Frith and Elvis Turbeville have entered the front row starting spots for Sunday evening's $750 to win, Kajun Mini Stock feature.

The 10th Annual Possum Town Grand Prix will conclude on Sunday afternoon with a $3,000 to win/$200 to start, 40 lap Super Late Model event, a $2,500 to win, NeSmith Late Model Series event, a $500 to win, Street Stock event, and a $750 to win, Open Wheel Modified event at Magnolia Motor Speedway. Gates open at 10a.m. with the driver’s meeting at 1pm and racing action to follow For more information, please visit

PRO Dirt Car Series Super Late Models
NeSmith Super Dirt Car Series Super Late Models
Magnolia Motor Speedway (Columbus, MS)
November 27th, 2010
Feature Results
1. Rodney Wing (Meridian, Mississippi)
2. David Breazeale (Four Corners, Mississippi)
3. Neil Baggett (Shannon, Mississippi)
4. Wade Byars (Carrolton, Mississippi)
5. Mathew Turner (Dawsonville, Georgia)
6. Steve Bryan (Collinsville, Mississippi)
7. Jake Knight (Georgetown, Mississippi)
8. Kyle Beard (Trumann, Arkansas)
9. Eric Cooley (Fulton, Mississippi)
10. Tanner English (Benton, Kentucky)
11. Johnny Stokes (Columbus, Mississippi)
12. Tony Shelton (Columbus, Mississippi)
13. TK King (Columbus, Mississippi)
14. Dean Carpenter (Coldwater, Mississippi)
15. Bradley Price (Hamilton, Alabama)
16. Mark Dodson (Caledonia, Mississippi)
17. Rick Rickman (Columbus, Mississippi)
18. Tony Morris (Murfreesboro, Tennessee)
19. Riley Hickman (Ooltewah, Tennessee)
20. Jason Brock (Sulligent, Alabama)
21. Dane Dacus (Lakeland, Tennessee)
22. Scott Flurry (Amory, Mississippi)
23. Klint Byars (Carrolton, Mississippi)
24. Brian Rickman (Columbus, Mississippi)

DNS: Jason Milam, Bo Gordon, Boone Fullwood, Billy Tedford, Wayne Vintson, Chris McElhenney, Jamie Elam, Ross Camponovo, Mark Green, Doug King, Victor Turner, Doug Showah, Hunter Carroll, Justin Carter, Jimmy Miller, Marcus Minga, Ben Garner, Carnell Parker, Phillip Gibson, Jamie Tollison, Morgan Bagley, Jason Wilson, James Cline, Josh Putnam

Entries: 48 Representing Seven States (AL, TN, MS, AR, TX, KY, GA)
Cautions: 4
Red Flags: 0
Leaders: Jason Brock (1-4); Rodney Wing (5-40)
Provisionals: Dean Carpenter, Mark Dodson
Southern Belle Pole Qualifier: Jason Brock
MRC Racing Collectibles Smooth Move Award: Rodney Wing Qualifier #1 Winner: Neil Baggett Qualifier #2 Winner: Tanner English
Maximum Signs & Graphics Qualifier #3 Winner: Kyle Beard
GRT Race Cars Hard Luck Award: Brian Rickman
American Race Tires Hard Charger: Dean Carpenter (23rd – 14th)
Hoosier Race Tires Top Performer Award: David Breazeale
DBR Starters 10th Place Award: Tanner English
ADP Rivets Clean Pass Award: David Breazeale

Open Wheel Modified Feature
1. 25 Rodney Wing
2. 31 Blake Koengsberger
3. 34 Ben Stephens
4. 90 Jay Burchfield
5. 7 Tony Gray
6. CB1 Eric Hughes
7. 26S Jon Stinson
8. 1S Shawn Knuckles
9. 17L Chris Long
10. 7JR Bobby Allen Jr.
11. 7J Wayne Jones
12. 35 Tony Gray
13. 6 Chris Wood
14. 28 Luke Riddle
15. 04 Rodney Etheridge

Nesmith Crate Late Model

1. 1S Jeremy Shaw
2. 327J Jamie Tollison
3. 1V Johnny Virden
4. 79 Jamie Flannagan
5. 77A Dylan Ames
6. 1E Evan Ellis
7. 3 Shay Knight
8. 33S Sid Scarbrough
9. 88 Charlie Henderson
10. 25 Justin McRee
11. B97 Lee Burdett
12. 18E Chase Edge
13. 26E Dallas Everett
14. 55K Ryan King
15. 07 Jimmy Elkins, Jr.
16. 232 Jamie Boland
17. 2S Mark Stokes
18. 88J Jason Michau
19. 48 Tody Ratcliff
20. 1 Johnny Stokes
21. 47 Shannon Lee
22. 88S Jered Smith
23. 13 Chad McCool
24. 27 Reed Long

Street Stock

1. 82 Trey Bright
2. K24 Tony Silvestri
3. 41 Bill Sudduth
4. 1S Mike Shaw
5. 8P Bobby Parker
6. 7 Scott Gable
7. 32Q Chris McDaniel
8. X Wes Gray
9. 44 Adam Cheeks
10. 3D Keith Davis
11. 77 Bret Anderson
12. 74 Nick Stoop
13. 28J Joey Hivatt
14. 4W Greg Wilkins
15. R1 Reno Burr
16. CT74 Andrew Earnest
17. 83 David Cooper
18. 1 Chris Hopper
19. 3 Tracy Pickering
20. 33 Wyatt Ashmore
21. 53 James Ware
22. F86 Marty Holtman

Mini Stocks Top 18
1. 50 Landon Frith
2. 60 Elvis Turbeville
3. 42 Allen Gilreath
4. 27 Brent Mayfield
5. 14 Stanley Kraly
6. 11 Aaron Peay
7. 18 Justin Franklin
8. 14 Curt Oaks
9. 50 Homer Jenkins
10. 2 Bo Minor
11. 4 Benny Pickett
12. 44 Eddie Pickett
13. 007 Justin Massey
14. 3 Jennifer Bryd
15. B1 Donna Everett
16. 51 Nick Deese
17. 20 Tylan Hardin
18. 888 Al Evans

Mini Stock B-Main Line-Up
1. 7X Garrett Taylor
2. 21 Justin Jones
3. 0 Kevin Cocker
4. 15 Heath Minor
5. 01 Ronnie Guin
6. G4 Shelby Sheedy
7. 64 Braden Mitchell
8. 7 Corey Gann
9. 316 Wayne Everett
10. 20 PJ Williams
11. 32 Austin Hines
12. B5 Ben Turbeville